200-Hour Teacher Training in Aspen, CO

$ 500.00

Join Evan Soroka and Gina Caputo for this 200 Hour Foundational program in Aspen, CO. This is an empowering and dynamic approach to the art and skill of learning, living and teaching Integrated Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a somatic, transformational practice that bridges the connection from the ordinary to the sacred through an embodied exploration of the flow of Prana (life-force), our highest intentions and greatest potential.

This Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training program is appropriate for aspiring teachers with a minimum of two years of consistently practicing yoga. This rich training begins at the source and roots of yogic tradition, and unfolds progressively as a means to understand its modern context, and teach from a place of relevance and connection.

Over the course of these modules, you will learn how to teach artful yoga classes through a study of yoga philosophy and texts, anatomy, energetics, Sanskrit, progressive sequencing, hands-on assists, sourcing and weaving theme and cultivating your voice in a safe and supportive collective. This comprehensive program will empower teachers with a broad and deep base from which to live and confidently teach the flow of yoga to all with skill, creativity, confidence and authenticity.

Students must have 2 years of a current and consistent yoga practice.


Sep 8-10
Sep 15-17
Sep 29-Oct 1
Oct 6-8
Oct 20-22
Oct 27-29
Nov 10-12
Nov 17-19


Fridays: 5:30-8:30pm
Saturdays: 8:00-6:00pm
Sundays: 8:00-6:00pm

STEP 1: Review our POLICIES
STEP 3: Submit your REGISTRATION  (see important instructions below)


$2650 = Includes a non-refundable $500 deposit. Please ensure you can attend the entire training before applying and submitting your non-refundable deposit.

If you want to pay in installments, you must select Pay In Full / Installments. Your non-refundable deposit is included in your first installment. Otherwise, choose Deposit now and, later, Balance.


  • 180 contact hours + 20 non-contact hours (reading, writing and final exam)
  • Manual
  • Individualized teaching feedback and recommendations
  • Evan's classes at O2 Aspen at no extra charge for the duration of the training
  • Family and community for life
  • Alumni discounts at CSOY


    • Main Branches of Yoga in Hindu Philosophy
    • Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika & Other Key Texts
    • Evolution of Modern Postural Yoga
    • The Language of Yoga: Sanskrit
    • Family Tree of Asanas
    • Anatomy of Hatha Yoga
    • Alignment & Assists
    • Common Injuries & Conditions
    • Prana
    • The Koshas
    • The Panchavayus: Movements of Prana
    • Bandhas & Pranayama
    • Meditation
    • Vinyasa Krama
    • Evolutionary Sequencing
    • Integrating Bhava: Incorporating the Subtle
    • Languaging & Theming
    • Class Preparation & Music
    • Business of Teaching Yoga
    • Teaching Practicum Lab & Feedback

"CSOY TT with Evan and Gina was a transformational experience for me because they taught me how yoga can create happier living, provide techniques to unite the body, mind and breath, and connect to the inner core of my being – the spiritual aspect of my life. They taught me through sequencing, planning and becoming a lifelong learner of yoga how I can pass the knowledge to others. Regular practice of yoga poses taught me more clarity, body balance, and improved flexibility which made me more confident to teach others the poses and gave me more confidence on my mat.

What I achieved in the classes, lectures and yoga practices has reflected in my actions and attitudes in my life in general. They taught me to breathe through difficult postures which helped me breathe through difficult times. Evan and Gina have empowered me to share the knowledge they have taught me with others.

They taught me that the practice of yoga and meditation prove to be a powerful combination. When the wobbly body becomes steadier and the disturbed mind becomes calmer, meditation can provide a deep sense of relaxation.

Evan and Gina taught me the importance of serving others by their example. They were generous, passionate and kind in sharing their knowledge and experience of practice of yoga. Their accessibility and availability for questions or just being there to listen exceeded what I ever expected.

I would highly recommend the program."

~ Linda, Aspen grad 2015

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